Thursday, September 17, 2015

TheMakeover: For Your Makeover And Fashion Online Guide

Fashion and style are important for individuals most especially women. Apart from that, some women even opt for special exercise programmes and dietary plans to maintain their physique to complement their looks. However, when it comes to style, hair, makeup and even clothing are very important. Thus, women look for ways that can help them achieve their goals. Luckily, with the use of the internet, women have better access to information and other essential details about fashion and makeup. There are even websites that offer guides, tricks and tips such as TheMakeover.

Facts about The Makeover

TheMakeover is a space dedicated for every woman. Here, you can access personalized content for your entertainment and information. This website is managed by Kotex.

Kotex is a feminine hygiene brand that was introduced to the public in the early 20’s. For over 90 years now, Kotex worked relentlessly to provide you with the perfect range of pads.

Info You Can Find On TheMakeover

In order to provide you with the best tips and tricks on how to become more stylish and fashionable, TheMakeover offers numerous articles from various categories, below are some of the following.

1.    Makeover – The makeover category features articles and tips about hair styling, makeup, and beauty trends. These articles and tips can help women improve their looks easily and properly.

2.    Entertainment – The entertainment category presents articles about music, movies and celebrities. These articles tackle the hottest stars, latest movies, and hit music today.

3.    Relationships – In case that you have issues with regard to your relationship, the relationships category can provide you with effective tips on how to deal with love problems and other relationship issues you may encounter.

4.    Fashion – It is best to have a dedicated space where you can find updates on current trends and styles. Luckily, TheMakeover also features such category to help women know the coolest and most popular fashion trends.

5.    Body and soul – To complete your total makeover, it is also best to make sure that both the body and soul are healthy. Thus, visiting the body and soul category can provide you with amazing tips on how to improve your lifestyle and how you can handle certain issues.

TheMakeover’s Giftshop

Visiting TheMakeover website will not only help you become more fabulous, but the website can also provide you with simple rewards. These rewards can be obtained from the following:

•    First, you can share posts or even share gifts. With this, you can get 5 points. Another way of getting points is through daily logins or mobile app usage.

•    Next, you can get 10 points by completing the user profile or by sharing their badges.

•    25 points is given to those who download the mobile app on their first sign up.

•    Coupon codes can also be used to gain 50 points.

•    Finally, 100 points is given during your birthday.

•    These points can be used to claim special gifts that can help suit your needs.

In case that you want to know more about TheMakeover, you can visit them at to become more beautiful and fabulous.

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